Pest Control in Baltimore, MD Prevents Termite Infestation From a Neighboring Home

Unlike fleas, termites don’t travel from one place to another by being attacked to animals or humans. Unlike bedbugs, they don’t climb into luggage or clothing and get carried from one place to another. However, they can move from one home to another after invading a house. If the neighbors have had a termite problem, calling a service for Pest Control in Baltimore MD to inspect your home is advisable.

The Importance of Inspection

Early invasion by termites is seldom noticed by people living in the house. That’s why an inspection by a service for pest control in Baltimore MD is so important. Termites hide inside the walls, below the floors, and above the ceilings. They don’t like light, so they don’t usually come close to the surface of the wood they are chewing up. They can cause a great deal of destruction before anyone discovers them by accident.

Traveling Termites

Especially if the neighbor’s house is close, such as within a few feet, it’s pretty easy for termites to travel to the new place. They’ll either go underground or build tubes made of dirt mixed with their saliva to form mud. They must have a way to get into the building, however, which might be cracks in the foundation. Dead wood along the ground also attracts these critters. That can include firewood stacked against a building or a pile of old lumber.

At some point, termites may respond to the instinct to begin a new colony. A group of them swarms to a different location, which may be next door or somewhere else within the neighborhood. They live underground and travel to dead wood to gather cellulose for food.

Preventive Strategies

Even if technicians from a company like Atlas Exterminator do not find any termites, they are likely to recommend setting up a bait barrier to prevent an infestation. This is an advanced treatment service that protects the entire perimeter of the house. Fixing foundation cracks and holes and removing dead wood from the ground surface near the home will help. Further inspections can be done at the six-month and twelve-month points. Click here to get started.

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