How Sand Blasting in Guilford Is Used to Create Elegant Cemetery Monuments

Most Guilford residents connect sandblasting with exterior cleaning projects. They are often surprised to learn that Sand Blasting in Guilford is also responsible for the elegant monuments in local cemeteries. Highly skilled artisans use the process to add customer-chosen lettering and designs to stone. Specialists routinely turn chunks of marble or granite into beautifully crafted monuments that reflect clients’ wishes and feelings.

First Artisans Create Designs

Families that want fine, custom grave markers often contact professionals via sites like Sites contain a “Visit Us” invitation and contact information so that customers can meet with experts.

Every headstone crafted by specialists begins with a customer consultation. Professionals help clients choose from an array of markers, stone types, and lettering. Monument companies work with local cemeteries and can advise clients of any size or type restrictions. Design professionals offer stone in a range of colors. They can add any type of design or lettering.

Many customers also choose photos which are added using a process that is different from sandblasting. Stone artists use a combination of old-world craftsmanship and computer technology to create renderings of clients’ designs. Once approved, experts transfer designs to stencils.

A Stenciled Design Is Sandblasted Onto Stone

Artists cut out stenciled designs and apply them to stone. Designs are kept in place with a substance called a filler. Raw monuments are then moved into sandblasting cabinets and locked in. Technicians monitor the process carefully. During Sand Blasting in Guilford, fine silica sand is used to etch surfaces. High-powered guns force sand onto the stone at a high velocity.

The process abrades surfaces, allowing stencil designs to be carved onto them. Sandblasting allows monument specialists to create very detailed effects. Monument companies often use a similar process when they restore or clean older graves.

Craftsmen Shape Sandblasted Designs

After sandblasting is complete, artisans carefully etch out all the details using abrasive air. The process adds depth and dimension to designs. Every monument, from the largest statue to the smallest footstone, is elegantly finished and polished.

Most of the intricately designed monuments in cemeteries are made by combining artistry and technology. Craftsman use high-tech rendering processes and powerful sandblasting machines to create custom monuments of all shapes and sizes.

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