Stump Grinding Services in Boston and Other Options for Eradication

The big old tree came down in the storm, fortunately missing the house and garage. It took some time to saw up the branches and trunk, but when the work was done, the neighbors were happy to have the firewood. Now the property owners are trying to decide how to get rid of the stump. One option would be to hire Stump Grinding Services in Boston.


Stump Grinding Services in Boston use special equipment to break up the stump into tiny pieces that can be hauled away or used as mulch. They also can simply be spread over the ground, since it’s like sawdust. This is an economical and quick way to get rid of the big chunk of wood. The main problem is that the roots remain and may continue to send up shoots that have to be cut down.

Complete Removal

Another possibility is to have the stump removed by workers who pull it from the ground with a tractor and chain. Prepping the soil with potassium nitrate to make it softer may be necessary. The ball of roots under the stump comes out as well, or it may need to be dug out.

This project generally costs more than the grinding service, as it is time-consuming and labor-intensive. The large hole in the ground must be filled in with dirt. One advantage of this method is the ability to quickly plant a new tree in the same place without roots to interfere.

Gradual Disintegration

A third option is to drill holes in the stump and add potassium nitrate, which causes the wood to become porous and eventually disintegrate. The main problem with this is how long it takes for the stump to disintegrate. In the meantime, it’s an eyesore. The property owner can do this or hire a professional service.

Deciding How to Proceed

All these possibilities have their advantages and drawbacks. The decision on how to proceed depends on what the property owner’s goals are. Most people choose stump grinding from a company like Cambridge Landscape for the quick process and the affordability. Visit us at the website.

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