The Best Non-Surgical Methods To Remove Unwanted Fat

Non-invasive liposuction is the best non-surgical fat removal system there is. Instead of suctioning unwanted fat from the body through a tube, the best non-surgical fat removal in Chicago uses lasers or ultrasound to literally melt the fat, allowing it to be discharged naturally. Both methods, lasers and sound work on selective areas where there is unwanted fat, neither have any effect on neighboring cells. Although non-invasive lipo does remove fat it is not a recommended weight loss procedure, it is designed to change the appearance of various parts of the body.

When lasers are used the fat is liquefied, this eliminates the need for suction that is used for traditional liposuction. The lasers strength is controlled by adjusting the wavelength of the light, the strength varies based on the amount of fat that is to be removed.

Many people are of the opinion that for the best non-surgical far removal in Chicago is ultrasound. To break down the unwanted fat deposits concentrated ultrasonic sound waves are directed into the layer of fat located under the skin, the sound breaks down the fat cells. As the cells are broken down, triglycerides are released, the cells are then expelled from the body via urination or perspiration, the result is a loss of inches in the area that was treated.

There are numerous areas of the body that can be treated using these non-invasive methods. The area that surrounds the chin, the cheeks and neck are common targets. On the body the target areas are usually the upper arm, back and stomach. Many men resort to non-invasive lipo to remove excess breast tissue. Areas below the trunk that are also targets are the thighs, hips and buttocks. There is really no area that cannot be effectively treated.

As well as being non-invasive which is what many people desire, this method of fat removal is also less costly. Immediate results may not be noticeable once the procedure is completed but after a short period of time the broken down fat is expelled from the body and the results then become evident. The best n0n-surgical fat removal in Chicago stimulates the production of collagen, this helps to tighten excess skin that otherwise might have to be removed surgically. There are no lasting side effects or complications; the ultrasonic approach, because it focuses the sound waves prevents any damage to tissue surround the targeted area.

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