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HAVC plays a very important role maintaining comfort and indoor air quality. In some areas, lack of HVAC can cause a home to be completely inhabitable due to unbearable heat and extremely poor air quality.

With more and more businesses clogging up our cities, choking breathable air out of existence, the need for efficient, practical and affordable HVAC systems cannot be understated. Global warming is on an all-time ascent, and an increasing number of industries are pumping toxic air into the atmosphere, depreciating air quality which results in thousands of diseases and millions of deaths over time.

There is an urgent need for unconventional and greener methods to tackle the menace of pollution. Cost effectiveness, environmental impact, and ease of use needs to be considered for a system to be effective.

Current Systems:

The current HVAC systems, such as industrial ventilation systems, heaters, air coolers, air conditioners, and house ventilation systems mostly run on either solid fuel, petroleum, natural gas or electricity. The downside of these systems is that they are high on emissions (affecting the atmosphere), and are relatively expensive, needing constant maintenance. Considering how hot it can get, there are many companies that perform AC repairs in Naples, FL.

Recent developments and Inventions:

In this new age of technological advancements, a few new inventions have managed to turn heads. These are definitely our HVAC future and there is excitement building as the word spreads.

Solar Power Systems:

Solar powered HVAC systems are both economical and eco-friendly. This makes them a good bargain. There are a lot of new products that use solar power to control climate.

Smart A/C:

From smart phones to self-driving cars, the world of technology has taken a huge leap towards securing a better future. Wonder what’s new in the smart A/C segment? Learn how you could control your AC system using your phone!

3D Printed A/C:

A company is working towards providing a fully 3D printed A/C unit, which is aesthetically pleasing entirely created with a 3D printer! If they manage to successfully create a working unit, it could save people in the United States tens-of-thousands of dollars every year.

While some of these technologies may take a while to percolate into mainstream usage, all we can do is get our A/C’s installed and repaired by trusted professionals Coolair AC repairs in Naples FL.

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