Air Conditioning Repair in Davenport FL for Problems With Keeping the Home Cool

When the central air system is not cooling a home as it usually does, that can be a big problem on a hot summer day. Sometimes the temperature won’t go below a certain level no matter how hard the system works. In other cases, no cool air comes from the vents at all. Air Conditioning Repair in Davenport FL may be necessary to get the equipment back into good working order.

Air Leaks

An air leak may have developed in the ducts. This may not have been noticeable until the weather reached extreme temperatures. Typically, the household residents realize that one or two vents are not putting forth as much cool air as they normally would. A technician who provides service for air conditioning repair in Davenport FL can tighten up all loose ducts to eliminate air leaks.

Blocked Airflow

The homeowner should check the equipment outside of the house and determine whether airflow is blocked. If a large pile of leaves or some branches have accumulated around the unit, that should be removed. Lack of airflow reduces the ability of the equipment to provide adequate climate control.

Dirty Equipment

If the inside of the unit hasn’t been cleaned in several years, it may be working too hard without being efficient. A dirty central air system can have trouble bringing the temperature down to a comfortable level on a very hot, sunny day. An appointment for maintenance, inspection and cleaning should be scheduled each year before the cooling season begins. If this has been neglected, the service may resolve the problem.

Thermostat Problems

The thermostat may be the problem. The device might need to be replaced, especially if it is very old. Some homes still have the round analogue devices instead of the newer digital ones.

Nobody who lives in Florida has to be reminded why this is called the Sunshine State. The residents love the year-round warm weather, but they also have to deal with extreme heat and humidity many days of the year. When the central air system doesn’t work right, it’s time to call for repair service from a contractor such as Charles M. Watts Air Conditioning. Click here to visit the website.

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