What To Do When There’s No Air Conditioning in New Haven IN

There’s a lot to do in Indiana during the summer, but the heat gets unbearable sometimes. Having working Air Conditioning in New Haven IN is important for a variety of reasons, most of which have to do with safety and health. However, like other machines, air conditioners sometimes fail.

Below are a few tips on what to do when the AC stops working.

Have a Backup Plan

Even if a family has an AC repair service on speed dial, they may not know how long they’ll be without cold air. Therefore, it’s best to have a backup plan for emergencies. Some residents choose to:

• Book a hotel room

• Ask to stay with a neighbor, family member, or friend

Either option will hold the family over until repairs are made. It’s particularly important to make provisions for elderly and sick family members, as indoor air temperatures may get quite high without AC.

Use Ice Packs, Cold Water, and Fans

These measures are temporary, but they’ll help to keep temperatures bearable while repairs are made. When using box or oscillating fans, put them near outer doors facing the wall. If there are ceiling fans, be sure they’re moving in a counter-clockwise motion. Finally, using ice packs and cold water will help family members regulate their body temps and stay hydrated.

Consider Installing a Smart Thermostat

Be sure to check on elderly family members and neighbors to ensure that they’re safe and comfortable while waiting for AC repairs. Some smart thermostats will alert caregivers when temperatures fall or rise below a predetermined level.

Get Out of the House

Local officials advise those without Air Conditioning in New Haven IN to get out of the house and go to a public area such as a mall, library, or pool to avoid the risks that come with stifling summer heat.

Invest in Regular AC Maintenance

Finally, the most effective way to mitigate the risks of having no air conditioning in the home is to have the system regularly serviced and inspected. Many residential HVAC units fail because of insufficient maintenance and neglect. However, when these units receive twice-yearly professional checkups, families take the steps necessary to ensure they will have cool air all summer long. Click Here for more details or call to schedule service.

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