What Role Does Plastic Media Blasting Play in Industry?

When it comes to eliminating built-up materials and sanitizing a surface, plastic media blasting is one of the most simplistic, cost-efficient techniques. Used for industrial, commercial, and residential purposes, blast media is available in a variety of strengths. Whether you need a rigorous media to clean an aerospace craft, or a softer media to strip away chipping paint from your vehicle, you’re guaranteed to find a product that suits your requirements. Blast media dealers can help you find the perfect product for your application and at a reasonable rate.

Uses in Different Fields
The use of plastic media is popular in a range of industries because it’s a versatile, easy-to-use tool. Military, aerospace, marine, automotive, and electronics professionals alike utilize blast media to effectively clean and strip different surfaces. Whether it’s stripping barnacles from the bottom of a marine vessel, cleaning fiberglass components, or removing buildup from casting tools, blast media helps professionals complete a number of crucial jobs with ease. Additionally, plastic media is a highly affordable stripping and cleaning solution for industry specialists, regardless of its strength and composition.

Gentle & Multiuse Solutions
Plastic media blasting products are available in different forms – two of the most common being T-2 Urea and T-5 Acrylic. T-2 is one of the most flexible variations of media, and can be used on just about any surface. It can seamlessly remove paint, anti-corrosive coatings, wax buildups, oil residue, and much more. Accordingly, it’s perfect for all sorts of objects, be it an aircraft, boat, or truck. T-5 is a flexible stripping and cleaning agent, but is more suited for milder surfaces, such as fiberglass and thin metals.

Aggressive Blast Media
Some projects require plastic media that’s heavy-duty, yet still gentle enough not to damage the surface of an object. For applications that involve stripping materials from iron, steel, and other hard surfaces, T-3 Melamine is often relied upon for aggressive removal. Some media blast suppliers give customers the ability to mix different products to create their own stripping and cleaning solution. You can blend T-3 with another form of media, such as T-2 or T-5, to lessen its aggressiveness while getting the same high performance results.

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