What’s the Problem? Choose an R & M Fence for a Dog Based on the Worst Issue

Looking for a new fence? Have a dog? The best approach to installing a fence for a dog owner is to look at what kind of dog they have. Is it a barker? Is it a jumper? What kind of dog is being kept in and safe?


Some dogs just love to jump. The golden retriever may appear like it can only jump three feet, but it manages to clear six and cross five blocks in no time in pursuit of a raccoon or a car. Owners of jumpers need to tackle an R & M Fence that has a fantastic clearance. Some styles of fencing simply do not look good at a high height. They look tacky and invasive. Wire fencing works as a small buffer against deer, not as a full-fledged six-foot fence to keep an active pup inside.


Dogs that love to dig pose a particularly pesky little problem. There are not a lot of fence styles that keep diggers in very well. Fences go high. They don’t necessarily dig deep. Wooden panel fences have a tendency to require a lot of ground clearance to stay up, so they may be a viable option. Some customers opt for a chain-link fence that has a built-in underground buffer. The installers will build wood planks to uphold the R & M Fence and cover it from pesky diggers. The combination is common due to cost. A chain-link fence is one of the most inexpensive options available, and even the addition of a dig-blocking keeps costs minimal.

Barkers and Runners

Is a family dealing with a runner or a barker? Barking dogs are especially problematic because they can lead to serious neighbor issues (and a migraine). For families dealing with a barker (or two), the most obvious answer is a full fence. Almost any style can be approached to cover the outside space so no one can see in or out. This includes the dog, of course. If a dog can’t see outside, it is far less likely to bark at every passing vehicle or dog on a leash.

Contact R & M Fence for more on finding the right fence for the right situation. It all gets a lot more complicated for owners with multiple dogs. What if they have a jumper, a barker, and a digger?

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