Types of Elevators and Common Issues

Whether is it new construction or old, Elevator Technologies Inc in Arlington VA may be able to help service and repair different types of elevator systems that no longer function or no longer function at their full capacity, including hydraulic and traction elevators and their accompanying cabs and shafts.

Elevators have a long and colorful history. The first elevator shaft was actually built several years before the first elevator was built to go inside of it, but it was finally completed in 1853. The world’s oldest elevator is located in the Cooper Union Foundation Building in New York. The elevator was a type of steam-powered elevator that is no longer in use, and other designs have even used water to power the lifts. Since then, elevator designs have improved dramatically. Today, elevators are smoother, faster, and safer than ever before.

Elevators do not just lift people either. They are even found on heavy industrial sites where they lift precious metals and grain weighing thousands of pounds to be stored or shipped. These behemoth elevators require teams of service men and women to maintain and repair, and their proper function is vital to the smooth operation of various industries that ultimately make a living better for people and businesses everywhere.

In contrast, there are smaller and faster elevators that whisk people and supplies to the tops of the highest buildings in the world. The Burj Khalifa was completed in 2016 and has an extensive elevator system that takes people and supplies up 160 floors to its highest point of 2,717 feet. Speed, safety, and reliability are incredibly important in buildings of this size, and getting up to its highest floors can take ten minutes or more depending on how many stops there are along the way. These elevators systems are equally as complex as industrial elevators and need regular maintenance to ensure proper functioning.

The most common types of elevator issues are overheating slow response, and high energy use. Click Here for more information on how Elevator Technologies Inc in Arlington VA may be able to help service and repair elevator systems having these types of problems.

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