How to Choose a Fence Material in Suffolk County

The right fence serves both practical and aesthetic purposes: it keeps pets and children in a while keeping intruders out and, if it is chosen carefully, improves a home’s curb appeal as well. When choosing a Fence Material Suffolk County residents should carefully weigh their options and do some research in advance regarding what material will provide the best fit. They can get started by reading the article below, which outlines a few of the advantages and disadvantages of various popular fencing materials.

Wood Planks

Wood fences offer privacy, security, and visual appeal, which helps to explain why they are so popular. Cedar is arguably the best wood to choose for a residential fence, as it is both beautiful and durable and can be either stained or painted to match the home’s existing exterior design. The primary downside of wood fences is that they do require a good deal of maintenance, including regular cleaning and repainting or restaining, to ensure their longevity.

PVC Fencing

PVC fences are low maintenance and durable, especially when compared to more traditional wood fences. Part of their durability stems from the fact that they are impervious to rot and insects; when combined with the fact that there’s no need for annual painting, this helps to explain why many homeowners are now making the switch to PVC fencing. The down-sides of PVC fencing are few, but they include fading due to exposure to sunlight and inability to withstand direct impact.

Aluminum Fencing

Aluminum fences are easy to install, which makes them more affordable than many alternatives. They’re also available in a surprising range of colors and stylish designs, making them extremely versatile. Those who are looking for privacy fences should, however, note that aluminum fencing won’t work well for this purpose.

Chain Link Fencing

When they choose chain link as a Fence Material in Suffolk County residents can expect easy installation, durability, and simple maintenance. Those who are looking to improve the curb appeal of their homes in addition to providing extra security may prefer to look into other options offered by Precision Fence LLC instead of chain link, though, as it’s often perceived as being somewhat boring or even unattractive.

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