Why More Homeowners Choose Blown Insulation In Wichita Falls TX

by | Sep 6, 2018 | Construction and Maintenance

Whenever a consumer is building a new home or remodeling an existing one, one of the most overlooked aspects of the planning process is the type of insulation used. Insulation is one of the most critical factors in keeping a structure safe and comfortable during extreme weather shifts, and the vast array of options available make choosing the best product confusing for a layperson. Talk to a contractor about the benefits of Blown Insulation in Wichita Falls TX, and discover why it is becoming a go-to choice for homes of all sizes.

Greater Efficiency

Traditional insulation that comes in large rolls is cut to size to ensure a tight fit, but it will often create gaps between the various structural elements in a home, not to mention the seams that exist between multiple sheets. Blown in products will fill in a voided space more evenly and eliminate the formation of gaps, which will keep a home better protected. Some options are only 5 to 10 percent more expensive than their rolled counterpart, which makes it an affordable choice.

Improved Sound Dampening Qualities

Another benefit of insulation is that it helps to dampen any exterior sounds and allows the interior of a home to remain quiet and peaceful. Blown Insulation in Wichita Falls TX takes this perk to the next level, as it is often much thicker than traditional insulation and will eliminate the sounds from noisy neighbors or intense storms. Don’t let the outside world lead to frustration when the right product makes a home more comfortable.

Increased Longevity

Installing new insulation isn’t a project for the faint of heart, and the financial cost makes selecting the right product crucial. Blown insulation is often designed to provide more than 30 years of protection, as it does not settle or become compressed like its rolled counterpart. If a homeowner is looking for an option that will give them years of worry-free use, it may be time to consider a blown alternative.

Failing to take the importance of insulation seriously may have serious financial repercussions and lead to buyer’s remorse. Fortunately, Superior Thermal Solutions offers a plethora of products that will meet the needs and budget constraints of any consumer.

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