Waterproofing In Portland OR Will Protect Many Items

by | Sep 10, 2018 | Construction and Maintenance

Choosing just any waterproofing product is never a good idea when an individual has to project a building, bridge, or plane. Working with a company that has more than 100 years of experience in the industry will provide an individual with the confidence they need that they purchased the best product for the job. Technically advanced products are available for Waterproofing in Portland OR.

Other products that can help with marine, bridges and buildings and include above and below grade waterproofing materials and fire stopping systems. Businesses who can benefit from a reputable supply company include new construction projects in commercial, institutional, industrial, public works, building restoration, maintenance, repair, weatherization, and window and door manufacturers, parking structures, aerospace and many others.

Waterproofing Above Or Below Grade

The rainstorms that pass through the area require outstanding products that will provide the Waterproofing in Portland OR and systems to meet all of a company’s needs. Waterproofing products include sheet and liquid applied membranes and cementitious coatings. Water stops and penetrating water repellents are only a few of the products that are available through a reliable waterproofing supplier.

Roofing Underlayment And Flashing

The roof of any building is important to the safety, security, and energy efficiency. Roofing underlayment and self-adhered flashing is an effective product to use to create a barrier against leakage from ice dams or wind-driven rain. Sealing leaks around windows, doors, sills, and corner boards are more reliable when self-adhered flashing is used for Waterproofing in Portland OR. The sloped roof underlayment is ideal for any area or opening that penetration of water, air or moisture could affect.

Sheet Applied Membranes

Another waterproofing product for foundations, plaza decks, parking or bridge decks, tunnels, interior slabs, labs, planters, balconies and other areas is sheet-applied membranes. These membranes stop the water before it causes damage to the structural elements of a building. There are also other types of membranes that are ideal for waterproofing that include the blind side waterproofing application that bonds to concrete.

Bentonite clay, waterstops, and industrial strength elastomeric membranes are also available as part of a waterproofing system. Get in touch with Atlas Supply to learn more about all the products they carry.

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