3 Reasons to Hire a Dog Walker

by | Jun 22, 2015 | Dogs

When maintaining a job, family and social life in New York City a pet’s needs are often times put on the back burner. Most breeds of dogs need to be walked at least once a day for exercise and of course relief. Sometimes it is difficult for an owner with an erratic urban job to make it home in time to relieve their dogs for the day. Many owners also don’t have immediate family connections in their area to help them. When owners are still on the fence about NYC dog walking there are 3 reasons to hire a dog walker.

1. Hiring a dog walker prevents accidents

A dog must relieve themselves a minimum of 1-2 times per day depending on how much they eat. If the owner is stuck at work late or is in traffic this is a recipe for accidents. Hiring a dog walker can ensure that a pet has the proper amount of time to relieve themselves without any accidents. Hiring a dog walker makes sure not only that there is no accident for the sake of the pet, but no accident to scrub out of that new white carpet.

2. Hiring a dog walker relieves stress on the owner

Hiring a dog walker does not only provide relief and benefits for the pet. When stuck at work all day and tending to many other responsibilities the last thing a dog owner wants is to worry about their pet being alone all day. Hiring a dog walker provides the perfect opportunity for an owner to truly enjoy all the fruits of having a pet. Having help with NYC dog walking during the day can give an owner peace of mind that their pet is being taken care of while they are away.

3. Hiring a dog walker can make pets happier

Being cooped up alone all day can really take a toll on pets. In NYC it is near impossible to install a doggy door and have a pet be free to roam in a suburban fenced enclosure. Remaining sedentary throughout the day can create a lack of stimulation and joint pain later on in life. Hiring someone to help in cases of NYC dog walking can solve all of these problems. Having help to walk a dog can provide them with stimulation not only from human interaction but animal interaction as well should the owner choose. It is often possible to request a trip to a dog park or schedule pet playdates to not only get exercise for the pet but proper stimulation throughout their day.

NY Tail’s NYC dog walking service utilizes professionals who believe in nurturing their client’s dogs in their own home environment and treating them with love and care as if they were their own. Visit their website for more information.

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