From Daycare, To Boarding, To Obedience Training, Dog Daycare Services In Chicago Are Available.

by | Jun 8, 2015 | Dogs

When you first get a puppy, they need a lot of attention. If you are gone all day, and the kids are in school, a puppy can get very lonely and feel abandoned. The Dog Daycare Services Chicago will allow you to leave your dog on a pay per day basis. If you have a day where someone is home, you do not have to pay for time you are not using. Your dog, young or old will be allowed to run outside for up to 6 hours, with a trained care provider monitoring their behavior. If they determine your dog does not do well with others, they will be provided an individual run, keeping them safe. Food, and water will be provided and medications can be administered if needed.

Your dog is a member of your family. They greet you at the door with wagging tails and excitement in their eyes. No one loves you the way your family dog does. When you go away on vacation, you cannot leave them in the care of just anyone. Your neighbor kid might be nice, but who will be with your dog during the day, when they are in school? Will they be alone at night? Dogs can feel abandoned and develop unusual behaviors if left alone too long. What you need is a professional Dog Daycare Services Chicago. It will be better than a home away from home, it will be like a trip to the spa for Fido.

When you need to be away for a day or for an extended time, your dog should not be left alone. Unlike cats that can be left alone, dogs need more interaction time with people. At you can read about their dog philosophy and learn about the dog trainers on staff at Chicago Canine Academy. You can sign up for obedience classes at the academy to correct minor or serious behavior problems. They will teach you how to turn your hyper and out of control dog into one that can run freely off-leash and still obey your commands. From daycare, to boarding, to training they can do it all.

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