Are You Suffering From Neck And Arm Pain?

by | Feb 12, 2016 | Chiropractor

If you’re suffering from Neck And Arm Pain, chances are the neck is out of alignment and irritation of a nerve is occurring. Taking over-the-counter pain medication or prescription muscle relaxers or pain killers will not correct the problem. These medications will only mask the pain and could lead to further damage in the neck area. Some family physicians may recommend physical therapy to relieve the tension in the muscles and strengthen the area. This may give someone some relief but will still leave the neck area out of alignment. A visit to a chiropractor is usually needed to re-align the neck back to its original position.

The neck and spine can become out of alignment due to a variety of reasons. Often the damage is caused by an automobile accident or a fall. In other cases, moving heavy objects or turning in the wrong direction could result in pain. When the neck is out of alignment, the soft disc between the vertebrae may bulge or rupture. The bulging of the soft disc material can irritate the nerves near the spinal column and neck bones. Realigning the vertebrae and taking pressure off of the disc will eliminate the pain. Although the injury is in the neck area, the pain will radiate into the arms. In some cases, individuals may feel like they have a heart attack due to this type of pain.

A chiropractor will can perform and adjustment and may recommend massage therapy to lessen the Neck and Arm Pain. Blood circulation can be returned to the damaged area, and healing can begin. This is a holistic approach for correcting an individual’s neck that is out of alignment. This type of treatment is not painful. Depending on the severity of the irritation, an individual may have a slight amount of muscle soreness. The soreness will fade usually by the next day and pain will begin to subside as the body heals. Permitting the body to use its natural healing process is a much safer alternative than taking medication.

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