Rehabilitation Counselors Understand Common Differences Between Men And Women In Regard To Addiction

by | Jun 15, 2016 | Chiropractor

The government’s National Center for Biotechnology Information recognizes the importance of gender issues in regard to chemical dependency and successful addiction counseling and rehabilitation. When a woman seeks help with addiction recovery, the most effective Rehabilitation Counselors take into consideration problems that are somewhat common among female clients. The counselor will want to know whether the client is dealing with any of these situations. Examples of these issues include single parenting, escape from a physically or verbally abusive relationship, and supporting herself financially after previously relying on a spouse’s or partner’s income.

Experts in the field of addiction counseling generally agree that the most effective therapy for women focuses on a variety of contexts, including relationships with close family, romantic partners, her economic situation, and the way her gender seems to affect her role at work and in society. Studies have found that women who become chemically dependent commonly speak of different reasons for the behavior than men do.

Women in therapy are more likely to speak of previous or current abusive relationships, for example. They report more problems with their emotions and relationships. They are more likely to become codependent than men are because or close relationships with alcoholics or drug users. In contrast, men speak more of social situations that have steered them toward chemical dependency on alcohol or other drugs. Men appear to be more likely to rely on alcohol or other drugs if they have lost a job or are encountering serious difficulties at work. Women also seem less likely to self-medicate in response to generalized anxiety than men do.

Rehabilitation Counselors learn to take all these aspects into account, but never to disregard anomalies among their clients. Customized therapy is essential for excellent results. These counselors understand factors that help women prevent relapse during their road to recovery. They especially need to learn to cope with emotional issues that result in a craving for alcohol or other drugs, and it’s important to establish a new support group of friends if the existing group is not supportive. A clinic such as Allegheny Medical Integrated Health Services offers understanding and compassionate counseling for chemically dependent individuals. You can also connect with them on Facebook for more updates.

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