Distracted Driving Can Be A Pain In Your Neck

by | Nov 6, 2015 | Law

Cellphones are a great convenience, but they can lead to traffic accidents, which can result in property damage, physical injuries or death.

Despite the Illinois law against using handheld cellphones or electronic devices while driving, accidents still occur in the state.

Teen Drivers

According to a recent AAA study on teen driving, the only thing more distracting than cellphones for teens is interaction with passengers in the car. Distractions account for almost 60 percent of teen moderate-to-severe crashes.

The Illinois law concerning teens and non-handheld cellphones and electronic devices says they must be at least 19 to use them while driving.

Blinding Cellphones

Meanwhile, another study shows older drivers are worse at texting while driving. But the younger drivers in the study also veered into other lanes while texting and driving. The concluding wisdom is experience and maturity are not excuses to act irresponsibly and text or use a handheld cellphone while driving.

One explanation for the effect cellphone use has on drivers is inattentional blindness. When drivers are focused on their cellphones not just with their eyes but with their brains, they can miss things appearing through the windshield, things such as motorcycles and pedestrians.

Accident Injuries

Victims of distracted driving accidents who receive even minor injuries should get checked out by a doctor. Some injuries do not become noticeable right away.

Symptoms of whiplash from a rear-end collision may not show up for 24 hours or more, according to WebMD. Symptoms include neck, shoulder or back pain, dizziness, headaches, lack of concentration and numbness in the hands or arms, WebMD says.

Whiplash diagnosis may require a CT or MRI. Those test are not inexpensive, and treatment can include physical therapy and medication.

Getting Help

Police and insurance company assessments of accidents are not always just or accurate. Sometimes, it’s a good idea to seek legal advice. Personal injury attorneys have experience in filing injury claims for accident victims and filing lawsuits to obtain appropriate damages to cover accumulated medical bills and medical expenses that may arise in the future.

Residents in the Round Lake Heights area who have been injured in a car accident, can contact the personal injury attorneys at the Robert T. Edens law office in Grayslake or Antioch. They have experience negotiating with insurance companies for proper settlements.

Remember, insurance companies are not in the habit of paying out more than the minimum possible, and the cost of a victim’s injuries could exceed the policy.

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