Preparation Tips for Seeing a New Bankruptcy Attorney In University Place, WA

by | Sep 20, 2018 | Law

Being seriously in debt can have a major impact on an individual’s personal and professional lives. The significant consequences of this situation can include harassing phone calls and letters from creditors. It can also involve an inability to acquire assets due to an adverse credit score. To make a fresh financial start in life and regain peace of mind, it’s beneficial to schedule an initial visit with a Bankruptcy Attorney In University Place Wa. These tips can assist a potential client with preparation.

Accurately Complete New Client Forms

Before the first visit with a Bankruptcy Attorney In University Place Wa, take some time to carefully fill out any intake paperwork. Obtain these new client forms by getting in touch with the lawyer’s office. It’s a good idea to return these forms before the initial visit so a review can be done. However, it’s acceptable to bring them with you to the first visit. Provide the most accurate and detailed information. Don’t be afraid to reveal private, personal information. The lawyer will need to get a clear picture of an individual’s situation to determine whether bankruptcy is the right course of action.

What to Bring to the First Visit

For a lawyer to understand a debt situation, it’s helpful to bring all communication with creditors from the last six months. This includes letters, email print-outs, and certified mail. Also, write down details from conversations with creditors. Bring relevant information to the initial meeting. This includes bills from the last six months. It also involves receipts from payments to creditors from the last six months. Ask the lawyer for a complete list of items needed for the initial visit. Organize these items so a lawyer won’t have to shuffle through them.

The above-mentioned tips are just a few of the suggestions a potential client can use to ensure an initial visit is productive. Remember to follow all directions given by the lawyer’s office. This will show a lawyer that an individual is willing to do his part to resolve a negative financial situation. For information on bankruptcy services, please contact a member Rafal Gorski’s practice. The lawyer can handle divorces and bankruptcy cases in addition to bankruptcy.

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