4 Tips for Solar Panel Installation

by | Sep 19, 2018 | Home Improvement

The U.S. solar industry generated around $154 billion in economic activity in 2016, The Conversation reports. Revenues of the industry last year amounted to $210 million, with 25 percent of total new power plant capacity put in place in the last year coming from solar. As the use of the technology continues to grow for the foreseeable future, more and more homes are also taking advantage of the benefits it offers.

If you want to enjoy the same benefits, check out the following tips we prepared for you.

Pick the right crew

As more and more homes start using the technology, you can expect the price to drop. That’s good news for you. You can save up on costs when you hire a team for solar panel installation in Bakersfield. Just make sure you do your homework. Hire the services of a reputable firm to put it in place for you.

Know how long

Find out how long the installation will take. It may take an average of three months, give or take a few days before you can start using solar to power your home.

Check the contract

Before you hire a crew for solar panel installation in Bakersfield, check out the contract. Know what’s included. Understand everything. If you have any issues or questions, now is a good time to ask. If there are any missing details, don’t agree to sign unless they’ve added those details in.

Ask about the paperwork

Installing solar panels entails a ton of paperwork which the company should handle on your behalf. It’s a good idea to ask about what’s happening, though. That way, you’re up to date on the project. Also, knowing that the installer has already taken care of the paperwork means the installation can start sooner. That’s good news if you’re on a tight schedule.

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