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by | Oct 19, 2015 | Cancer Treatment Center

Many types of cancer can be treated with new and innovative techniques. For instance, hormone therapy is a useful treatment for breast and prostate cancers. Contact Cancer Center of Kansas to learn more. Many patients seek treatment at hospitals like the Cancer Center of Kansas. That is because these hospitals dedicate resources to cancer treatment. The patient is seen as a whole person. While some treatments may not cure cancer, they ease some of the symptoms. Alternative therapies are used to help with pain and nausea.

Oncology Doctors in Newton KS, are some of the most experienced in the country. When a patient comes in with breast cancer, the tumor is analyzed thoroughly. Some tumors are benign and others are cancerous. Ductal carcinoma is the cancer most often seen in the breasts. The tumors can be broken down and classified more precisely to treat a patient. Therefore, treatment at the cancer center is more personalized. A large percent of breast tumors make too much HER2. This protein causes cancer cells to grow faster. Oncology Doctors in Newton KS, use the drugs Herceptin and Tykerb to target cells with HER2. Likewise, some breast cancer cells have too many receptors for progesterone and estrogen. This type of cancer is diagnosed as hormone receptor-positive. Hormone receptor-positive cancers can be treated with hormones like tamoxifen.

Hormone therapy has been successful in treating prostate cancer. Some prostate cancer cells have testosterone receptors. These cancer cells multiply if exposed to testosterone. Hormone therapy keeps testosterone away from cancer cells. Further, the center offers a number of targeted treatments. Many cancer patients worry because conventional treatments, like radiation and chemotherapy, are not targeted. Healthy tissue may be damaged, as well as cancer cells. Targeted treatments include anti-angiogenic drugs. These drugs stop cancer cells from growing by cutting off blood flow. Monoclonal antibodies fight cancer by blocking certain proteins in the blood. Oncologists are able to bind the antibodies with a radioactive substance. Eventually, the substance kills the cancer cells.

Patients with serious illnesses need options. Cancer centers offer options that give patients a positive attitude. A positive state of mind is important when one is fighting cancer.

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