Diagnostic Tests Performed by Oncology Doctors in Newton KS

One of the most frustrating things a person can experience is knowing that something is wrong, but they are not sure yet. After endless visits with their primary care physician, an individual will feel the need to reach out to a specialist. Through a doctor who specializes in a particular area of medicine, patients can feel at ease knowing they will receive a diagnosis in a minimal amount of time. Due to the large variation of doctors available, it is important that a person understands what type of doctor they need to see in order to be properly diagnosed. Once there has been a diagnosis, this patient will then be able to receive disease care through their specialty doctor.

Oncology Doctors in Newton KS specialize in the diagnosis and disease care of cancer patients. Unfortunately, there are a large number of cancers a person can have, therefore diagnosing the specific type of cancer a person has is crucial in order to effectively care for the patient. There are several methods available to diagnose a patient. Diagnostic tests include:

1. Barium Enema- This procedure is done by delivering a special dye liquid through the rectum. On an ultrasound this dye becomes bright. Abnormalities become visible, therefore cancer can be detected.

2. Biopsy- This procedure entails taking a tiny piece from the area they feel has cancer. Known as the most accurate test available, biopsies are frequently the diagnostic test of choice.

3. Bone marrow aspiration and biopsy- This procedure is completed by removing some bone marrow from the patient and then performing a biopsy on the sample.

4. Bone scan- This non-invasive diagnostic test involves imaging to determine whether or not bones are damaged.

5. Breast MRI- This test is performed through an imaging system.

If a person is looking for answers, they are highly encouraged to Contact Cancer Center of Kansas. Here, the Oncology Doctors in Newton KS will perform a series of test for diagnostic purposes. If cancer is found, these caring doctors provide the highest quality of disease care currently available. It is important for individuals to know that they are not alone and they have doctors available who understand the struggle and help make the experience as easy as possible.

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