Finding An Area Needing Roof Repair Silver Spring

When there is leaking occurring inside of a home, finding the area where water is making its way underneath shingles becomes important. Often finding the source of a leak is a bit trickier than making the actual Roof Repair Silver Spring.

Here are some tips to use when searching for the source of a roof leak.

First, take a look in the attic for any signs that water is pooling up on the opposite side. If there are black water marks on the ceiling, the roof opposite this area can be evaluated closely. Because an attic ceiling is often plain wood, it is easier to see when it becomes saturated.

If water is dripping down walls with in the home, it is possible the gutters on the exterior are full of debris. Get up on a ladder and look inside the gutters to see if they are in need of a clean-out. Remove any debris so water is able to flow through the gutter without obstruction. When debris builds up, water will pool up in the area. This can start to seep underneath the bottom layer of shingles of the home. From there, the water will run down the wall inside.

Get up on the roof and look for shingles that appear to be curling or crumbling. These will need to be removed and replaced with new shingles. Take a look at the roof paper underneath to make sure there are no pinholes letting water in to the wood underneath. Areas where protrusions such as vents or chimney will need to be looked at closely as well. These items often have to flash along the base of the protrusion to keep water on the exterior of the roof. When flashing becomes rusted, it needs to be replaced. Check that all flashing is secured in place with caulk. If caulk is old, it will crumble, breaking the seal which provides the protective barrier on the flashing. Replace if needed.

If someone needs help finding an area needing Roof Repair Silver Spring, they can contact a service like Reliable Roofers Inc. They will have someone available to do a complete evaluation to find the spot letting water inside.

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