Getting Help for Unsightly Nails from a Toenail Doctor

by | Oct 23, 2015 | Physical Therapy

Problems with the toenails are more than just an aesthetic issue for children and adults alike. Injury, infections, diseases and trauma to the feet, along with some types of genetic predispositions, can result in significant pain with toenails and even difficulty with walking. A toenail doctor, typically a podiatrist, will be able to help provide solutions and get you back on your feet.

Diabetes and Foot Nail Care

One very important group of people who should see a foot and toenail doctor at least once a year are those diagnosed with diabetes. The changes in blood circulation, as well as the risk of undetected foot problems can have very serious consequences for this group, which becomes more problematic when blood sugar levels are not carefully regulated.

With an annual visit to a foot and toenail doctor, or more frequently if required, complications with issues such as ulcers, lesions, skin conditions, ingrown toenails, fungal infections and other potential complications can be detected, diagnosed and treated on time.

Ingrown Toenails

One of the most common reasons people make an appointment with a toenail doctor is to treat an ingrown nail. These can be incredibly painful and can result in infections.

The cause of an ingrown toenail is the edge of the nail growing into the surrounding tissue. It is most common on the big toe, but they can occur on other toes, as well as on the fingernails.

When the pain makes it difficult to walk, or in some cases to put on shoes, see a toenail doctor as soon as possible. Lifting the nail to remove it from the flesh or partially trimming the nail to remove the problem area of the nail can be done in the doctor’s office in most cases. More significant levels of toenail growth into the flesh may require surgical procedures.

Fungal Infections

It is also very common to see a toenail doctor about fungal infections on the toes. This is usually only a cosmetic issue, but if not treated, it can result in the spread to other toes as well as the potential loss of the nail or nails.

The toenail doctor can determine the type of fungus and provide anti-fungal medications, as well as treatment options to cure the issue. With significant damage, toenails may be removed but this is not common unless there are other concerns as well.

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