Follow 6 Tips to Avoid Sports Injuries

Many people love sports. Some people love it from their lounge chair, while others prefer to get out there and participate. We all are advised to exercise, and participating in sports is a great way to do it. However, whether you are a ‘weekend warrior,’ pickup game enthusiast, or play tennis several times a week, if you are playing a sport of any kind, you are prone to sports injuries.

It Isn’t Only Professionals
Contrary to what some might think, it isn’t only professional team players that get injured in sports games. Anyone playing a sport can suffer from an injury. Repetitive motion of any kind during a sport can cause problems. Ever heard of ‘tennis elbow’? Even playing golf, a definite non-contact sport, can result in sports injuries.

Six Tips for Avoiding Injury

  1. Warm up your muscles by stretching and exercising your muscles to get them ready for the more intense work to come.
  2. If the sport you participate in has protective equipment, wear it. Don’t play unprotected; you’re bound to regret it.
  3. Always use correct technique. If you participate in sports such as lifting, make sure you do it correctly to avoid injury to muscles, bones and tendons.
  4. Don’t overdo. Listen to what your body tells you and take things slowly, especially if you haven’t participated for a while.
  5. Always stay hydrated. It doesn’t matter if the weather is cold or hot. Staying hydrated will help your body deal more efficiently with the extra load you are placing on it.
  6. Always cool down after you play. This is just as important as warming up, as it allows your body to slowly return to normal and move muscle waste products out of the system–which will help avoid stiffness later on.

If You Do Get Injured
No matter how well you prepare, sports injuries can still happen. If it happens to you, you want to see an orthopedist, because they are the specialists in this type of injuries. When you are in the Chicago area, contact Suburban Orthopaedics, which has offices in Chicago and the surrounding neighborhoods. They have the excellent staff to get you back in the game. Contact them at 630 372-1100 today. You can follow them on Twitter for latest news and updates!

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