Humorous Motivational Speakers are Very Effective

Motivational humorous speakers can be as effective as they are entertaining to the audience they are engaging. They are actually very creative and strive to establish inspiring workplaces by putting humor in every element of the job. The concept is quite simple in that some people relate to the funny side of things more than lessons of seriousness all the time. It is easier to remember that funny joke you heard on yesterday than it may be to recall the important points of the long and boring speech given by the professor. These are only a couple of the reasons that humor goes a long way in motivational speeches.

The more serious speakers that are often presented on platforms and in seminars are typically the ones who are somewhat self-absorbed. They’ve been fed the idea that what they have to say really works and therefore, they repeat it in every seminar and session and eventually, it becomes a bore. These types are rarely capable of holding the attention of the listener and it can be extremely complicated to influence someone who truly isn’t listening. The comedic motivational speakers are often those who have experienced the downside of failure and found humor in their return to an upright position in whatever the situation may have been. These are the ones that can reach the minds and ears of those listening.

In essence, humor is just much easier to relate to in so many ways. The joy of laughter can stimulate a mountain of urgencies in the brain that requires it to take note of how things could be instead of concentrating on how they are at the present time. Many times employees who aren’t performing to standard have become so discouraged that it would take a little laughter to remind them that it’s not all bad and there is some good to come of things if a different approach is taken.

It is often that people fail to realize that the brain does a lot of work and has a lot of information to store and recall. However, humans tend to store or retain humorous information longer according to some studies. Therefore, if the plan is to have the audience remember anything or much of what has been said, it needs to have a bit of humor to it in order to be effective.

Motivational Humorous Speakers are generally more engaging to those in the audience. Doug Dvorak CSP knows the funny side of motivation has a way of making its point.

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