Using A Sculpting Ice Block in Long Island NY For A Wedding

When someone is in need of a perfect showpiece for a wedding, they may want to consider using a Sculpting Ice Block in Long Island NY. These large blocks of ice can be sculpted into any figure desired, making them a great addition to show off in a reception hall.

An ice sculpting company would need to be contacted to let them know what type of design is desired. They can sculpt ice into an animal, a person, or perhaps the new last name of the married couple.

First, the ice block will need to be picked up from a reputable ice service. These sculpting blocks are very heavy and it is recommended to have a pickup or enclosed truck available for its transport. The service will require that the person picking up the ice will load it into their vehicle because of the risk of injury due to the weight. Make sure to have a few extra people on hand to help with the hauling if possible.

Bring the ice directly to a sculptor to have the design constructed. It is a good idea to alert the sculptor in advance of the pickup of the ice. This way they can have a room available to hold the ice where it will not melt if they cannot tend to the project immediately.

When the sculpture is ready, it will need to be kept chilled until the last possible minute in transporting it to the event. Make sure to set the ice down on a tarp to help contain any melting that occurs during the event itself.

Place the sculpture in an area where it will be sure to be noticed. Consider using dim lighting to illuminate the ice, making it gleam and shimmer as people walk past, drawing even more attention.

If someone is in need of a Sculpting Ice Block in Long Island NY, they can give a call to a service such as Ice Fuel LI. Someone will be available to answer questions about ice blocks and luges and they will be able to reserve the desired ice size so it will be available for pick up.

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