The Many Ways to Use An Ice Block In Long Island NY

When most people think of ice, they think about the small cubes that are used in a drink, but specialty companies produce large blocks that serve a broad range of applications. Rather than being limited by small ice cubes, consider utilizing an ice block in Long Island, NY for a variety of uses that can help keep items cold or add whimsy to any event. The following are just three of the most popular ways they can be utilized.

Ice Sculptures

One of the best ways to make an event more unique is to carve an ice block into a custom piece of art, that can also be used to keep any punch or beverage provided at the event cold. An ice sculptor can use a variety of tools to create nearly any type of structure, as they are only limited by the imagination of the person ordering the sculpture. A sculpted ice block can be the perfect way to dress up any event and create a memorable piece for every guest to enjoy.

Large Coolers

Keeping large coolers cold enough to store food and beverages safely can be a challenge with traditional ice, as it melts quickly and will need to be replenished several times a day. An ice block will melt more slowly than cubes and can create an environment that will be safe to store meats and dairy products in any size cooler. Ditch bagged ice and opt for a block of ice for a picnic or camping event.

Backup Cooling

It can be devastating when a refrigerator or freezer stops functioning, but an ice block in Long Island, NY can act as a backup, and prevent a person from losing the food they have stored. They can either move the items into a cooler or place the block in their refrigerator or freezer and not have to worry about items spoiling. Consider keeping one on hand in case of a power outage or appliance malfunction.

The uses for ice blocks are numerous, but finding them can a challenge. Long Island Ice and Fuel offers a broad range of block sizes, and make it easy to find quality ice blocks that can be used for entertainment or in emergency situations. Contact Ice Fuel LI to learn more and see how affordable and useful an ice block can be.

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