An Ice Cube Distributor in Suffolk County NY Can Provide Needed Supplies As Well As Special Orders

Running out of ice is not something that a party-goer typically thinks about, but it is important to the wedding planner, banquet supervisor or bar owner who depends on ice for customers as well as for display. An ice cube distributor in Suffolk County, NY like Long Island Ice and Fuel can provide the right amount of ice at the right time, whether it’s needed for drinks, to help keep food cold or to highlight an event with a sculpture or drink delivery system.

Why are purchased ice cubes better?

Ice cubes brought in by an ice cube distributor in Suffolk County, NY are better than home-made ice in several different ways. The water used to form the ice cubes is as pure as possible thanks to stringent testing methods and strict regulation. Ice cubes made by a distributor are ready when an event starts and can be replenished throughout the event, avoiding the problem of running out of them before the event ends. A distributor like Long Island Ice and Fuel can provide ice cubes in packages weighing between five and forty pounds, which helps make it easier to determine as closely as possible the exact amount of ice to have on hand.

What kinds of events use specialized ice?

Ice cubes are necessary for traditional parties, but special events call for unusual and stunning ice decorations. Wedding, special banquets, and even ice bars can put sculptures and even ice luges to work to commemorate marriages, anniversaries or other events or to serve drinks in a way patrons will always remember. Sculptures representing intertwined hearts, swans, couples’ initials or the anniversary being celebrated are just some of the types of designs that can be chosen for weddings and other types of banquets. The kinds of ice sculptures available are almost limitless. Ice luges, through which liquor such as vodka, gin, Jagermeister or other types of drinks are poured, are fun ways for bar patrons to get their drinks.

Can ice be delivered?

Ice cubes, blocks, sculptures and luges can be delivered to businesses or venues on a regular basis or for special events. Ice can also be picked up if the customer prefers. Check out Long Island Ice and Fuel’s website,, for more information.

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