Craft an Event to Remember with Ice Luges in Long Island NY

An ice luge can add an element of sophistication and artistry to any event. Whether you’re serving liquor or champagne, serving it through an ice luge will entertain your guests and enliven your get-together. These sculptures are carved from larger blocks of ice and designed with a small channel tunneled through the block through which the liquid is poured, emerging from the bottom pleasantly chilled. Ice luges can also be employed in serving oysters.

The truly dedicated and experienced artist may want to create his or her own luge, but if you don’t have hours of time and a tolerance for working in the cold you can achieve the same effect by purchasing one pre-crafted from a company like Long Island Ice & Fuel. These luges can be custom made to accommodate for varying environmental conditions and uses, and can be crafted using a pre-made mold or by hand.

If you’re planning a party for everyone to remember, ice luges in Long Island, NY will certainly leave a lasting impression. Any host can serve ice cold liquor, but not everyone employs custom ice sculptures to accomplish this goal. This unique feature will create excitement at your get-together, whether you’re pinning down the details for a party with friends or designing an elegant wedding for hundreds of guests. Because they are customizable to your needs, ice luges can be used to create whatever atmosphere will best befit your event!

Be sure to have adequate equipment when you pick up your pre-made ice luge or block. They are well constructed to withstand the elements, but this means that they are also quite heavy. A pickup truck and some strong helpers are an absolute must for transporting your ice luges in Long Island NY, as this will ensure that they’ll make it to the party on time and in good condition without causing damage to your vehicle.

Enjoy deliciously chilled drinks this summer poured through your own ephemeral ice sculpture and give your guests something to talk about. With proper planning, you can design an event to be remembered. Why not add some class with a custom ice luge?

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