Is an AC Repair in Wichita a Good Investment?

by | Oct 12, 2015 | Air Conditioning

Most home-owners understand that heating and air conditioning systems do need maintenance and repair from time to time. As the system ages, it is a little harder to determine if it is worth the effort to keep paying for repairs instead of purchasing a new unit. Here are some tips that will help homeowners know when opting for an AC Repair in Wichita area is the best move.

The Repair is Affordable After checking the system, the technician determines that the AC Repair in Wichita is a simple one that will require nothing more than an inexpensive part and about a half-hour of time. In this scenario, there is no major problem with the unit and the repair will likely restore the system to its usual level of efficiency. At this juncture, the time to think about a replacement has not arrived. The Repair is Major the technician provided news that the home owner did not want to hear. The problem with the system is more complex than replacing a single component. In fact, it will take several parts and a lot of work to get the unit up and running again. Since the warranty expired years ago and the system is already over a decade old, it pays to sit down and compare the costs of the repair with the cost of replacement. In the midst of these considerations, do not overlook the importance of getting an idea how long the current unit will last if those repairs are made.

When the work has a good chance of extending the life of the system by another five years or so, and the expense is around half that of obtaining a new unit, then repair is still an option. If the unit is so old that it is not likely to last more than another year or two anyway, then it is time to talk about finding a replacement. Remember that AC Repair can do a great deal for the energy efficiency and the life of an existing heating and cooling system. Before coming to any conclusions, get expert advice on how to proceed. By understanding the pros and cons of all possible solutions, it will be easier to come up with the right decision.

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