The Importance of Annual Maintenance Performed by a Furnace Contractor in Bryan, OH

People may forget how harsh winters can be in Ohio until January arrives with cold temperatures and freezing wind chills. Before this, homeowners should have scheduled the annual routine maintenance and inspection appointment with a furnace contractor in Bryan OH. That work can improve efficiency, so heat bills are lower. It also can prevent breakdowns on the chilliest days of the year.

Enjoying Energy Savings

Research has shown an annual appointment with a furnace contractor in Bryan OH can save homeowners up to thirty percent on their heating costs, which is substantial. Including maintenance of the central air unit during the maintenance, appointment produces cost-savings benefits during the summer as well. For instance, dirty coils in the outside unit can reduce efficiency and cause components to wear out more quickly.

Changing the Air Filter as Directed

About all the maintenance that’s needed during the rest of the year is to change the air filter as directed to allow air to move freely through the system. Some filters should be changed every month or two, while the largest pleated ones may only need replacing one or twice a year. Those filters need a special compartment that’s usually added when a new furnace is installed. Replacing these devices is more complicated than is true of standard filters. A heating and cooling technician will replace this filter during the annual appointment if requested.

A Puzzle for Contractors

Some homeowners never bother with heating system maintenance and inspections, which is puzzling to furnace contractors. They know that these men and women would probably never think of avoiding the recommended maintenance of their vehicles. They get the oil changed, tires rotated, and air filters replaced as recommended. Yet they leave the furnace run many months of the year without having the system cleaned, adjusted, lubricated, and checked for problems.

Furnaces can’t last forever, but their owners can extend the lifespan significantly with maintenance performed by contractors such as Woolace & Johnson. Burners and motors get dirty, belts wear out, and motors and bearings may need lubrication after a season’s use. Click here for information on one particular contractor.

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