Restaurant Menu Covers: Basic Options

For a restaurant menu covers play a significant role in branding. They are part of the overall commitment of the owner and staff to providing the public with a quality experience. While, of course, the actual content of the menu is of great importance, the right menu cover goes a very long way towards capturing the public’s attention. Fortunately, with so many different types of restaurants, there are many options.

Factors Affecting the Choice of Restaurant Menu Covers

Several factors will affect your choice of menu covers. Among the most common are:

  • Restaurant type: Café, home style, family, diner, fine dining, etc.
  • Atmosphere
  • Budget
  • Personal preference

It is up to you and your staff to decide what type or style of menu will best reflect any or all of the above aspects.

Types of Restaurant Menu Covers

Restaurant menu covers come in different types. One aspect of this is binding? How do you want your menu bound? Options include:

  • Spiral
  • Glued together with resin
  • Sewn

You need to carefully consider your binding options as well as those that concern the spine and edging of the menu covers. It is also important to make a decision on the specific type of your menu cover. Restaurant menu covers can reflect the specific nature of your restaurant business. You can choose from the following to house your food and drink menu pages:

Café Menu Covers: This versatile and inexpensive restaurant menu cover is very popular. It is easy to clean and you can purchase it in a variety of different styles

Clear Plastic Covers: This flexible menu cover is inexpensive and allows you to change menus with regularity

Laminated Plastic Covers: Although this type of restaurant menu cover provides the ultimate in protection, it is not open to change.

Leather Menu Covers: An elegant but more expensive choice.

Leatherette Menu Covers: Menu covers using leatherette have the look of leather but are more durable.

Imitation Leather/Vinyl Menu Covers: Like leatherette menu covers, this type is durable and easy to maintain.

Heat Sealed Menu Covers: These menu covers are among the most inexpensive on the market. They are popular because they are easy to clean, use and update. They also come in different styles from menu books to table tents.

Custom Menu Covers: Custom restaurant menu covers are, as the name indicates, designed to match your specific requirements. You can choose everything from the design to the material to the binding to the shape. As is to be expected, this is the most expensive option.

Menu covers come in all styles and types. As the owner/manager, it is up to you to make certain you choose the right option. From choice of color to actual content, you need to remember that restaurant menu covers are a significant component of any successful restaurant

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