Quick Checks For Hiring Quality Local Movers In Louisville

Sometimes things happen in life without a lot of advanced notice and without the time that you would like to have to be able to research and plan your next move. If you have to be out of a home, condo or apartment quickly, local movers in Louisville are typically going to be the best answer.

It is important to realize that local movers in the city are not just the small, family owned one or two truck moving companies. The best international and national movers offering services from Louisville also complete local moves, and they are highly competitive in their pricing and may offer services the smaller moving companies simply can’t provide.

Also, and this is certainly an important point when you need to move out or in quickly, local movers that have a large company are more likely to have the available trucks and crews to get the job done.

Ask for an In-House Survey

Any of the best local movers will require that they come out to complete an in-house survey to coordinate your move and prepare a binding or not-to-exceed estimate. This will provide you with the amount you will pay for the binding quote and the maximum you will pay for the not-to-exceed quote.

In a rush, these surveys may be done the same day or the next day. The best local movers will try very diligently to work within your timeframe; you just need to explain the situation so they can plan accordingly.

Avoid companies who say they can do this estimate by phone. They will not provide a binding estimate and, at an already stressful time, you may find your moving bill just increased by two or three times once your household contents are on the truck.

Get a Written Estimate and Contract

Even when you are using local movers for an emergency or rush type of move, never sign a blank or incomplete contract. Top companies will never ask you to do this, but less reputable companies may take advantage of the situation.

You should be provided copies, in writing of everything that the movers are to do for the price quoted with a binding or not-to-exceed estimate. Remember that this can change if you add extra services on the day of the move or for other reasons that may include issues with unloading at the destination.

Keep in mind that local movers in Louisville will do their best to accommodate for life’s emergencies. By working with the larger companies, you do have the comfort in knowing the movers are professional, trained and experienced, and they have the company reputation behind them.

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