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Moving day is anything but relaxing. It does not matter who you are or how much stuff you have, moving day is hectic and stressful. There are two ways you can reduce the amount of potential problems for this day.

1. Prepare for the move far in advance: Make sure you not only have all the right details, take care of the shut-offs and turn-ons but mainly, make sure you sort, cull and pack, at least, several days – preferably more, in advance of the move to, from or in Memphis

2. Hire the right type of moving company for the job: Make sure you know whether to hire a local company or need to look at the credentials of national moving companies

Taking care of these two areas will help you by reducing the stress and potential disasters.

What Are National Moving Companies?

Moving companies come in all types. They may be specialists or generalists. Their services may be limited to serving a specific area such as Memphis, TN or they may consider North America their market. In both cases, certain nomenclature is applied. As a result, you have different types of categories of moving companies from which to choose. The two basic types are local and long-distance.

Local moving companies serve clients moving within the specific boundaries of a state. They may focus on offering moving services within a specific town or city. They may move from one city, such as Memphis TN to another within the state, such as Knoxville. They do not cross state borders. For those who stay within the state, the term intrastate applies.

national moving companies travel anywhere in North America. They move their clients from state to state and across the United States. This makes them interstate movers. Some may restrict their moving services to the Southern or the Northern States. Some may serve the Eastern Seaboard. If they move their clients’ belongings from one state to the next and beyond, they are national moving companies. This distance also makes them long-distance movers.

National Moving Companies

If you plan on a local move or one within the state, by all means hire a local mover. If you are moving out of state or across the country, you need to hire someone who is skilled and has experience in this area. They need to know the logistics of making a long-distance move. This makes such movers a specialized group.

A trip of this nature involves more than knowing how to blanket wrap items to perfection. It requires knowledge of the legal aspects of any border crossing between Memphis TN and the final destination of the load. It demands a complete understanding of what roads to take and the type of conditions facing a drive no matter what the season. National moving companies know about an inventory list, their obligations to their clients and the desire to fulfill them.

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