Risks of Massage Therapy in Ft Campbell

Chiropractic treatments, such as massage and manipulation of the spine, can present dangerous side effects that often go unreported. Studies show that the severity of these effects can even be fatal. Past studies have shown that massage therapy in Ft Campbell, which is performed during chiropractic management, can damage arteries supplying the brain. Then again, over half reported no adverse symptoms.

Chiropractic care is a medical procedure designed for the treatment of disorders of the musculoskeletal system, such as muscle and joint problems. But some practitioners claim that this therapy can also be used to relieve other general health problems, even in children. Most people believe that alternative therapies are safe. What could be dangerous about massage therapy in Ft Campbell? Certainly no one can be harmed by such a natural, nice and gentle treatment, right?

But how sure are people that this is true? To know for sure how safe medical treatment is, data is needed. However, experts say there is an “extraordinary lack” of data. There are reports of stroke, stent displacement (a tubular device placed to repair a damaged artery), renal embolism, hematoma, leg ulcers, nerve damage, pseudoaneurysms, pulmonary embolism, ruptured uterus, all of which happened after a massage therapy. And experts have reason to suspect that although there have been many more adverse effects, lack of information is enormous.

In extreme movements, chiropractic manipulation may damage an artery that may lead to a cerebrovascular event or other vascular disorders. Several studies in the past have documented arterial damage after chiropractic spinal manipulation. There are advantages to massage therapy, though. Therapeutic massage improves oxygenation and irrigation in the muscles. It also fights inflammation in the extremities caused by fluid retention and improves blood circulation. Therapy also reduces or eliminates present or associated pain. This releases substances that produce relaxation and facilitate the removal of waste substances (key to treating the pain of athletes). It can promote venous and lymphatic (key for those suffering from varicose veins or work standing) return as well. Massage therapy will relieve spasms and contractions as well. For more information, visit ftcampbellchiro.com or contact your local Chiropractor.

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