Roofers in Waukesha WI Can Dispel Common Roofing Myths

by | Sep 21, 2015 | Roofing Contractor

Most people take their home’s roofing for granted; if it’s fulfilling its purpose and it’s well built, it doesn’t get much thought. However, that also means there are a lot of myths and misinformation out there, and those misconceptions can cause issues if they spread too far. Below are three of the most common myths on residential roofing, along with some accurate information to dispel those myths.

Gutters and Roofing are Separate Issues

On the contrary! Shingles are only a small part of the roofing system that protects a home from the elements. A roof’s main function is to direct snowmelt and rainwater away from the home, and gutters are the final part of that system; they catch runoff from the roof and channel it away where it can do no damage.

When a homeowner hires Roofers in Waukesha WI, they should consider replacing the gutters as well. Gutter issues can quickly spread to the rest of the roof; even something as small as a clogged gutter can bring about waterlogged sheathing and fascia. If the gutters are kept clean and checked a few times a year, Waukesha Roofing Inc Waukesha WI can ensure that they’re doing their job.

New Roofing Can be Installed On Top Of the Old

Properly crafted roofs are structurally sound from the underlayment to the shingle layer. Most homeowners get a new roof because of defects within the old one, and if the new roof is installed over the old, serious problems can result. Some take this approach to save money, but it usually costs more in the end.

It’s OK to Reuse the Old Flashing

Flashing consists of tough metal that is highly resistant to damage-; and if it looks OK, some think it can be reused. That’s not true flashing can rust, crack, or lose sealing around the edges. If this happens, water can seep in under the shingles and compromise the integrity of the entire roof. Flashing can sustain damage at any time, including during storms and temperature fluctuations. However, Roofers in Waukesha WI can inspect the flashing twice per year, and replace it quickly and easily if required.

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