Roofing Contractors: Protecting Your Home, So It Can Protect Your Family

Year after year, your home does its best to protect your family from the elements. While snow and ice freeze the world around you, your roof has a hand in keeping the cold outside where it belongs. When winter weather gives way to spring rains, your roofing and siding hold them off, so your family stays dry. As summer’s heat builds, these structural components provide you a cool, comfortable haven. Of course, all this depends on your home’s condition.

Without due attention to maintenance and keeping up with local insulation codes, your home may be unable to give you the level of protection you’d expect. Energy analysts estimate more than 40 percent of your home’s heating and cooling could be lost through the roof. Plumbing vent pipes and holes where ductwork runs from the ceiling to the attic and on through the roof are responsible for some of this unwanted heat exchange, but they’re only a small portion of the problem.

Access portals for the attic are accountable for the majority of year-round energy loss, yet keeping your roof in a state of good repair can help combat both issues. Having Roofing Contractors inspect the uppermost portion of your home plays a key role in increasing efficiency. They’ll delve below the visible surface to uncover any attic-based problems like unsealed gaps and insufficient insulation.

Though cracks and crevices need to be filled or covered to prevent unwanted loss of heating and air conditioning, your attic does need a certain amount of ventilation. Otherwise, heat and humidity can build up and affect your entire home. Aside from driving up the cost of cooling, the excess moisture created will cause deterioration and potentially lead to mold growth. Moving on to the outside, Roofing Contractors can find and repair roofing materials suffering from the toll of the seasons.

Inadvertent gaps in your home’s support structure aren’t interchangeable with necessary ventilation components. At the same time, those entrances allowing you access to your attic could be portals for outside air to enter your home at will. Damaged roofing materials could also be reducing your home’s efficiency. Contact RL Roofing Service to learn more about potential issues with your roof and attic or to schedule an annual inspection.You can connect with them on Facebook for more updates!

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