What Is The Need For Drilling Service In Honolulu?

Concrete is one of the most popular construction materials. Made of gravel or sand, cement, water, and air, it is easy and inexpensive to produce. It can be molded into any shape, and when reinforced, it is highly durable. Consequently, any construction job will most likely involve drilling holes into concrete at some point. Commercial drilling is most often used for jobs like new construction, slope stabilization, shoring systems, augur and drilled cast piles, load transfer, compaction grouting, and sea wall repair, to name a few.

One recent example of the need for Drilling Service in Honolulu is the repair of a bridge due to many years of erosion that was putting the abutment in danger. The task was to construct a new facing in order to prevent any further erosion around the abutment. Drilling was used to anchor the new structure to the underlying layer of rock and soil. The crew that performed the drilling had to use special equipment that could not only reach the required height but also drill at the correct angle. Once the job was complete, the anchors were firmly embedded in the earth and the new facing was permanently in place.

Another example of drilling involved the construction of a deep foundation system for a school in Honolulu as part of an expansion. Increasing the building size required a transfer of load to a greater depth in order to build a more stable structure. Drilling was used to install micro-piles while a down-the-hole hammer installed casings to the final required depth at the same time. The construction crew encountered some problems, however, due to a high water table and unforeseen subsurface conditions. Fortunately, they were able to modify their drilling techniques to minimize the amount of water produced and the amount of grout lost in the process.

Any builder who is planning to drill should look for a drilling service that offers the following benefits: compliance with the Federal Highway Administration, ability to drill cased or uncased shafts, a high bearing capacity and tension capacity, hollow-bar injection anchors and piles, and low-overhead equipment. Click here for more information about Drilling Service in Honolulu.

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