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Selecting new heating and cooling units for residential and commercial buildings is based on the structure’s needs. Keeping occupants of buildings warm in colder weather and cool in warmer weather and providing service and reliability is what Brockman Heating & Air Conditioning is committed to serve each customer. Each structure requires individual standards for proper ventilation and air transfer. Replacing an older system with government-approved energy star rated unit can save a person up to $200 a year on heating and cooling costs.

Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) technicians are certified and trained to assess a property’s specific needs for a reliable system. Property owners looking to make an investment in new units can benefit from a knowledgeable staff who can inspect existing units and duct work. Leaky or inadequate installation can cause higher energy bills and unnecessary wear on heat pumps or air handlers. Technicians with HVAC certification can properly diagnose a client’s issue and determine if a home will benefit from a replacement or repair before a system fails. Properly maintaining existing units keeps them running efficiently and staying within warranty guidelines.

Customers will benefit from energy savings by simply upgrading an out of date thermostat. The newer programmable thermostat can help a heating and cooling unit run at a higher efficiency by only running when programmed to, not just based on the outside temperature. Older thermostats only worked to start a unit when the inside temperature rose or fell where they were set to run. Newer thermostats can be programmed to run at different intervals throughout the day or evening. They are also designed to cut off or switch from heat or cool in the event of drastic temperature changes. Technicians are skilled in determining the appropriate size of a new unit; however, many homeowners choose units disproportionate to the square footage of their home.

Homeowners want a company that can replace, repair, and perform quality maintenance. Systems can break, and become worn out at any time, requiring a company to be available 365 days a year. Cooling and Heating New Haven IN customers only need to visit to find licensed and insured HVAC specialists to meet any residential and commercial needs.

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