Planning the Elements of a Cremation Service in Middletown

by | Mar 16, 2016 | Funeral Services

A growing number of people are choosing to include cremation in their advance funeral arrangements. Some wonder if opting for cremation means they have to think about doing anything different with the memorial service. In fact, a Cremation Service in Middletown is often much like any type of funeral service. Here are some ideas on how to structure the memorial so that it provides loved ones with the opportunity to pay their last respects and offer one another comfort.

Before or After the Cremation?

One of the first decisions to make is whether the service will take place before or after the cremation. Some people choose to hold the service first, allowing loved ones one last chance to view the body and say goodbye. When this is the choice, the director can help the client arrange for a temporary casket complete with an insert. There are also cremation coffins available that are suitable for a service, and can then be used to transport the body to the crematorium with dignity.

Location of the Service

A Cremation Service in Middletown can take place in just about any setting desired. The service can be held in a chapel at the funeral home, or it can take place at home. When the body is cremated in advance, holding the service at the lake, the beach, or any outdoor spot that was dear to the departed is appropriate. As long as there is room to gather and honor the person who has passed, the location is worth considering.

Elements to Include

The service is meant to provide comfort to those left behind. Consider the selection of readings, music, and the eulogy carefully. Preparing a short letter to be read at the service is a nice touch. Even things like asking certain people to speak, play an instrument, or offer a prayer during the service in advance are appropriate.

For anyone who has decided cremation should be part of their final arrangements, visit website and arrange to meet with a funeral director. Once the plans are in place and the expenses covered, the individual can get back to enjoying all the years that remain.

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