Cremation In Atlantic Highlands Can Be Convenient And Affordable

If you have to plan a service for a loved one, or if you are interested in planning your service, cremation Atlantic Highlands is an affordable and convenient option. Traditional funerals can cost upwards of $10,000 and must be held within a short amount of time after an individual passes. When an individual chooses cremation, a memorial service can be planned for a convenient time and place.

Honoring the life of a deceased loved one shows how much someone valued his or her relationship with the deceased individual. A trained staff member will help an individual develop a tribute that is a fitting and memorable event. Planning a memorial service is easier when it is arranged in advance.

Burial Or Cremation

Unless an individual is clear about their intentions for the ultimate disposal of their remains, it can be difficult for a friend or family to determine if the loved one wanted to be buried or cremated. Making this choice can be made easier if an individual has a limited amount of funds to pay for a burial. Cremation Atlantic Highlands is an affordable option and allows the family to decide if the ashes will remain in a mausoleum or if they have another environmentally friendly choice.

Tribute Videos

One way to honor a loved one is with the help of a tribute video. Family photos will be blended into a beautiful cinematic video. It can be used as an integral part of a memorial service and be given to the family as a keepsake.

Live Funeral Webcasting

Traveling to a funeral can be difficult for anyone that lives far away or cannot afford the added expense. Live funeral service webcasting allows a loved one to attend a funeral over the internet. If an individual does not have internet service, a permanent keepsake DVD can be downloaded for viewing later.

A funeral should be as unique as the individual who passed away. Family and friends should have an opportunity to gather and discuss all of their wonderful memories of the deceased loved one. If you are interested in planning your funeral or planning one for a loved one, please click here.

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