Planning Personalized Cremation Services In Riverside, CA

If an individual is planning a cremation ceremony for a family member, they will likely want to add personal touches to the plans that will assist with remembering the recently deceased for the type of person they were. The tips below will help an individual select details that will commemorate their loved one in a positive manner.

Urn With An Inscription Or Picture

An urn that has an inscription or picture added to its surface will provide Cremation Services in Riverside CA with a unique touch. If an urn will be displayed throughout a service, adding lighting near a holder will make it easier for people to read words or see a picture that was inscribed.

A drop light or standard lamp can be placed near an urn so people can view the urn throughout a memorial service. After a memorial service, an urn can be displayed inside a china cabinet or hutch so a loved one will be remembered on a daily basis.

Scrapbook Of Achievements And Memorable Moments

A scrapbook and art materials can be used to create a keepsake that can be shared with family members and friends and passed down to future generations. A pen can be used to write statements about the recently deceased, including dates that a personal achievement was made or various turning points in a person’s life.

Photographs of a loved one can be added to a book to provide a brief glimpse of fond memories from years ago. A finished scrapbook can be shared with guests at Cremation Services in Riverside CA so attendees can remember specific moments in a guest of honor’s life.

A Personalized Speech And Request For Others To Comment

A speech can be written down prior to a memorial service. A speech should include some information about a person’s birth, immediate family members, occupation, and favorite activities. At the beginning of a memorial service, a speech can be read aloud to people who have attended a gathering.

If anyone has comments they would like to add or a specific question about a person who has recently passed, they can be provided with the opportunity to speak aloud so others present can hear them and acquire additional information about the recently departed.

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