A Couple Of Options Regarding Funerals in Escondido CA

Death is a natural part of life and occurs on a daily basis. Although it is natural, it is never easy to say goodbye to a loved one. More often times, death is unexpected and leaves the family members with intense grief while having to plan a memorial service for the deceased. When it comes to Funerals in Escondido CA, there are different options one can choose from. However, the two main ones are a traditional burial service and cremation. Below, is a comparison of the two and possible reasons as to why people choose one over the other.

Why People Choose Traditional Funerals

Traditional funerals including a coffin and burial are still very popular because the family of the deceased want to have a place where they can go visit them and lay flowers or other items that meant a lot to the deceased. This is a more expensive option than cremation, but it is also one that brings comfort to the family knowing that the deceased has a final resting place. This type of funeral is also preferred by numerous religions that people associate with.

Different Reasons Cremation Is Picked Over A Burial Service

Cremation has now become very popular when it comes to Funerals in Escondido CA. One of the main reasons this is so, is because cremation services are a lot less expensive than a traditional burial. Other reasons people choose cremation is to either hold on to the ashes of the deceased, or to scatter them in an area that held special meaning to them. Ashes are often times placed in a decorative urn and placed on a mantle in the family’s home. Another reason is in case the family ever decides to move, they want to be sure they can take their deceased loved one with them.

Death is never easy to deal with, but it is inevitable. Planning funeral arrangements for a loved one is never easy and is filled with a lot of emotions. Fortunately, there are funeral directors that will assist the grieving family in any and all of the decisions that have to be made.

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