7 Ways to Engineer Trade Show Success from Day One

Upcoming trade show? Planning to attend a show can be overwhelming, especially when you are just starting out. Engineer your trade show success from day one. Here’s how.

Plan it out

Planning and research can help you shine at the event. It can also help you and your crew prepare the materials and promotional items needed to get your brand to stand out.


Get people to come to the event. Promote on your social media pages and site. That’s one way to get a successful showing, the Brandwatch says.

Pick the right location

Do your best to negotiate for the best spots in the trade show to help improve traffic to your booth.

Appeal to your audience

Make sure your trade show booth design appeals to your market audience. Pick the right colors and work together with a display provider to come up with an exhibit or booth that’s going to knock your clients’ socks off.

Put together the right crew

Have your salespeople man the booth. Make sure they’re approachable and that they know how to engage potential customers. If they’re rude, that’s going to send potential clients running straight to your competition. Also, never leave the booth empty. Your crew should work out a schedule to make sure someone is always manning the booth. When clients wander in, your team is going to be there to answer all their questions and provide them with any other information they need.

Be consistent

Pick a display provider that can ensure a trade show booth design that’s consistent with your brand and business. If the design or messaging is off, that’s going to confuse your audience and potentially compromise consumer trust in your products and services.

Provide value

Make every client’s visit to your booth worth their while. Offer promotional materials that provide value to them. That’s one way to make them take a longer, more serious look at your products offerings and services.

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