Using Pest Control in NYC To Remove Rodents

by | Jan 19, 2016 | Pest Control

If a business has a problem with rodents in their establishment, they will want to do whatever necessary to remove them. Rodents are carriers of disease and bacteria, causing a health risk for people who come into contact with droppings or the critters themselves. Here are some ways to remove mice and rats from a building.

When dealing with a large number of rodents, it is best to use a service specializing in Pest Control in NYC. They will have the best tactics in killing rodents so they are no longer troublesome without causing harm to employees or customers. It is best to use some deterrents afterwards so these rodents do not return.

To keep rodents away, let employees know not to leave out any food items anywhere within the building. If there is a food source available, rodents will be reluctant to move on to another area. Water sources should also be eliminated. This would include the covering of fountains or ponds outdoors during nighttime hours when rodents are active. If the building has any plumbing problems inside where water is dripping where rodents can get to is, it is recommended to call a professional plumber to fix these troublesome areas. Without a water source, rodents will vacate the building.

Some business owners will keep a cat or two on the property to help keep rodents from becoming a problem. This along with the strategic placement of a few decoys like fake owls or snakes will keep rodents from getting too close to the building.

Taking the time to evaluate the exterior of the building for entryways is also important. When cracks or holes are found, they should be filled in with caulk or covered with flashing to help keep rodents from getting inside.

If someone is in need of a professional that handles Pest Control in NYC, they can contact a reputable service like Metro Pest Control. They will send someone to the establishment to evaluate the intensity of the infestation. They will then administer necessary methods in removing these pests from the building. They will also offer tips to help keep them from returning.

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