3 Keys to Ground Bee Control in Pittsburgh, PA

When a buzzing sound is in the air, most people immediately begin to worry. The fear of being stung is real and can cause anxiety. While some bees create hives, others burrow deep into the ground and create burrows. Most of the time these bees are harmless and work to help pollinate the surrounding plants. However, during the spring, it isn’t unusual to see a lot of bees roaming around, causing a problem for those with a fear of being stung or even individuals with an allergy. Here are a couple of ideas on how to handle Ground Bee Control in Pittsburgh PA.

Just Add Water

In order to build a solid burrow, ground bees need to find a place that is dry. When the dirt in and around the burrow gets wet, it can compromise the integrity of the burrow, causing a collapse. Increasing the amount of water to the area can deter bees from continuing to go back to the same area. In some cases, they are less likely to come back to the same place when they make the return trip in the fall. Watering the area can be tricky as it could cause a swarm of unhappy bees to come out.

Decrease Open Space

Open space with no plant growth is an ideal location for ground bees to set up shop. If there are large patches of open area in the yard, adding plants or increasing the amount of grass could be a deterrent. Unfortunately, this isn’t always an ideal solution. There are some spaces in a yard or on the property where adding more grass or plants isn’t going to work.

Contact a Professional

One of the best ways to handle Ground Bee Control in Pittsburgh PA is to contact The-Beeman. With the help of a professional, it is possible to evict the ground bees and encourage them to find a new location. This method doesn’t require putting anyone in the house at risk of being stung and ensures that the problem is taken care of efficiently. Sometimes ground bees can be difficult to remove and often try to come back to the same space year after year. Need to get rid of your ground bees? Check out The-beeman.com for more information.

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