3 Mistakes to Avoid After a Car Accident

It can be tough to stay on top of things when you’ve just been in a car crash. That’s completely understandable. However, be sure to avoid the following mistakes so you won’t have to add more to the problem:

Skipping the medical exam

A lot of people think they’re already lucky enough to get out of the accident with only a few minor bruises and scratches. But that could not be the full extent of your injuries. Some symptoms develop over days, weeks or months. If you don’t get checked over by a car accident doctor as soon as possible, you could aggravate an existing condition without even knowing it. By the time the symptoms start to show, it might already be too late.

Dismissing the pain

Say you’ve got pain and discomfort, like soreness in your muscles or stiffness in your neck and upper back. If you dismiss the pain and make do with pain killers, you could end up dealing with even bigger health problems down the road. Don’t dismiss any pain or discomfort you feel. These can indicate serious internal injuries that could get worse over time, says How Stuff Works. Getting prompt treatment from an experienced and trustworthy car accident doctor can help.

Waiting too long

Personal injury cases often have a window. You need to report or file for a claim within a given time frame. If you wait too long before you make an appointment with a doctor, this could compromise your timetable and make you miss that window. You won’t be able to get proper compensation even if you end up with a ton of expensive medical bills. Don’t let that happen. Go to a doctor after an accident right away.

These are just a few mistakes you’ll want to avoid after you’ve been involved in car accident. Keep them in mind

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    2. “One thing I notice on your video, which happened with my ASUS is the screen lag in your video capture. Not only in screen capture, but just the regular video preview screen lags even when your not recording. Is that something you have ever had to deal with? I also was pissed at RealTek sound ,which is the default sound program on my ASUS laptop. Extremely low quality! And extremely flawed. Every time the computer updates or restarts I get this high pitched feedback that I’m pretty sure has destroyed my speakers by now. It keeps squealing until you have to manually go in and turn down the microphone. Idk man, my ASUS was a piece of shit.

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