3 Reasons to Ditch Paper Towels and Go Electric

Switching from paper towels to electric hand dryers in your establishment’s restrooms can be a great move. This can help keep your restrooms cleaner while improving how eco-friendly your company is. Hand dryers also come in different styles so you can find the one that works best for your restroom decor. Here are three reasons to say goodbye to paper towels in the restroom.

Reduce Paper Waste in Your Restroom

When someone uses a paper towel to dry their hands, you will hope they drop it in the trashcan. That does not always happen. With electric hand dryers, customers can dry their hands without creating a mess. Your restrooms stay cleaner and your customers happier when they use them.

Reduce Backed-Up Sinks

With fewer paper products in your restrooms, your sinks are at less risk for clogs. It might not be fun to consider the destruction of property, but when you use a hand dryer instead of paper towels, you may remove some of the temptation in this area. Fewer backed-up sinks mean fewer maintenance calls for wet floors and fewer chances for customers to slip on those floors.

Reduce Deforestation

Paper towels are made from trees, which might be obvious with the word “paper” in the name. Even though trees are considered a renewable resource, they take time to grow and aren’t always planted in the same numbers they are cut down. Reduce your impact on deforestation and your total carbon footprint by ditching paper towels in favor of electric hand dryers.

To create a cleaner and more eco-friendly environment in your restrooms, switch to electric hand dryers over paper towels. You will find your floors are cleaner, your sinks are running better, and you are creating less paper waste overall. If you use ecological friendliness as part of your company’s defining feature, be sure to let your customers know about the switch and why. For more information, visit the website.

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