3 Reasons to Get Professional Windshield Repair in Marana

by | Jul 17, 2015 | Automotive

DIY (Do-It-Yourself) programs have been the epitome of self-service for years, but professionals for optimal performance and safety should do some jobs. Auto windshield repair does not take more than practical skills but does require expertise in application and evaluation. A technician trained in the profession will be better suited for repairing damaged glass than you will, as there are more requirements to consider than simply removing the old and placing in the new.

The do-it-yourself auto windshield repair kit is missing three things that could result in wasted time and money, and poor performance in a windshield repair or replacement.

#1 – Appropriate Curing Tools

Ultra violet rays from the sun will weaken the material in the windshield responsible for keeping the glass from vast temperature changes that could cause the glass to melt or crack under pressure. The strength of the rays is close to that of a professional UV curing lamp used in transmission manufacturing as well. In addition, the glass could expand or contract during this process as the vibration from the equipment placing in the material could crack the glass.

#2 – Access to the Bonding Resin

Cracks and chips in the windshield, especially star-like burst with multiple legs, require access through drilling into the impact point. Lack of access to the multiple legs could result in the damage spreading or the glass breaking under pressure from the drilling. You must be able to fill all the way to the end to administer an appropriate resin. If this is not repaired, the overall damage is deemed unrepaired and should be seen by a professional.

#3 – Accredited Training

Professional auto windshield repair technicians are trained thoroughly in the assembly, application, and evaluation of windshield repair and replacement. They are trained to see the condition of the glass and how to properly repair the damage. Evacuating the air without breaking the glass takes not only skill, but also observation of the flexibility of the glass during the process to ensure that the glass will be effective in case of impact in a collision or by any other means. Thus, this eliminates or minimizes any blemishes that may be present.

The do-it-yourself auto windshield repair kit cost under $20, which amounts to $4 or $5 dollars less than the equipment needed for auto windshield repairs. Professional resin is made for optical retractile ability of the glass, expanding and contracting to match the flexibility of the glass. Professional technicians usually have a variety of reasons to choose from, depending on the degree of damage and/or temperature.

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